Our Services

We guide our clients every step of the way, from initial filings of challenges to property tax assessments, to negotiation and settlement discussions with agencies and officials, through and including trial and appeal when necessary.

We handle all of your property tax needs

aggressively pursuing tax reductions using strategies borne by decades of experience, spending whatever time is required in order to do so.

Property Tax Assessment Challenges

We manage all of the steps necessary to appealing your tax assessments. These include preparation and filing of the necessary paperwork, argument before the various agencies and Courts, negotiating reductions with the municipal attorneys, and obtaining refunds upon successful conclusion of appeals.

Real Estate Tax Incentive Program Assistance

Considering applying for a real estate tax incentive program, such as ICAP? We can assist in all phases. We provide advice for maximizing the benefits of such programs and minimizing the risks.

Real Estate Tax Projections & RPIE

We assist with real estate tax projections, for use in selling an existing property or purchasing a new one.  We also provide guidance for annual tax budgets. We advise and assist with compliance-related tasks, including the Real Property Income and Expense filing (“RPIE”) due each June.

We stay in constant communication with our clients

Our size and low case per attorney ratios allow us to constantly communicate with our clients.  There are many reasons why an appeal succeeds, but none are more important than effective two-way communications with the property owner/manager.

We ensure that our clients are fully briefed on the status of each of their matters.  We engage in frequent discussions about the various tax-reducing strategies that we employ, on a case-by-case basis.

Attorney-Client confidentiality is the bedrock that supports everything we do.  Because we are attorneys, information provided to us by our clients is privileged and confidential, and we treat such information with the care and confidentiality it deserves.

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